Tuesday, February 27

I am Back

Barbara Kruger

Katayoun is doing such a wonderful job with her writings and her selection of paintings on this weblog. I fully support her works, and I have also, tremendous respect for her thoughts and perspectives. That is why, I read this weblog everyday. However, I have not been an active contributor lately . My apology for not taking a “Full Responsibility” and therefore lacking an “accountability” in my actions. Nowadays, this phrase is really hip within Canada’s political sphere, yet in action, no one is really accountable. I wonder if this means that Canada’s political arena is facing an Ironic or a Paradoxical crisis!
This is a non political note, so I will stop whining immediately. Perhaps, the only way to convey my point of view Regarding the Social/ political state in Canada would be thought the series of published novels. AHA, here is a fine thought, if I get famous through selling my Novels, Canada would be proud one more time. it would be good for Canada. So, from now on, I will be on the mission to find a real publisher who is rich, independent and brave to publish me. But till then, I will continue posting notes.


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