Thursday, February 22

How will you go forward when the prospect of a gloomy future is bothering you, day and night?

Vangogh always cheers me up, even though I can feel his sadness!

The West does not care what is happening in the Middle East. In fact, I would argue that The West has no business to pay attention to the real plight of the people of the Middle East, because the game of profit-making is still on. Meanwhile the Islamic Movements are spreading around the globe like an epidemic illness, and the Men of Power, the Elite are still meeting each other in those confined, compounds and making lousy decisions. And we suffer.
It is really difficult to write when your mind is not functioning, because the air is filled with a thick fog. I wanted to write something jolly, something beautiful, more cheerful than the talk about the sad reality of our contemporary world. But then how do you write when everything is so dark, and surreal that you no longer see the beauty and glory of things, even though you force yourself to do so?


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