Sunday, February 11


Dear anonymous “WAITING FOR THE OTHER ONE'S WRITING. !” It was so nice of you to leave comment and specially for me. I always believed I was special, and you just confirm my feeling. Thank you. I hope you don’t get tired of waiting. Boy, my post better be worth your waiting! By the way, since this interacts between you and I take place in a virtual space ( filled with ambiguity) would n’t it be wonderful to at least know something out of all the unknowns, like your name. I promise to behave and never inter your Dreams or reality. It is nice having you in our space.

Katayoun thanks for keeping our virtual space engaging, visually and contextually. The blog is not only “Aesthetically” pleasing but also contains insightful observation of important issues which seem to surrounds us yet, leaves no way to scape. Your writing almost reminds me of
Georgia O`Keeffe. She decided to paint flowers in order to stop the busy New Yorkers take time to see what she saw of flowers. I might just give you a too heavy of a compliment, let me know if its effecting your heart rate. I am preparing something to post. Please do not ask me what time. However I will say this, transformation is taking place.



Anonymous said...

I’ve been searching on the web trying to find ideas on how to get my personal blog site coded, your present style and theme are wonderful. Did you code it your self or did you recruit a coder to get it done for you personally?.

Twoshorties said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your kind eyes and your kind comment. Everything on this blog is "home-made" by two shorties.