Wednesday, February 7

The Crisis in the torrid Middel East

The Painting by John Singer Sergant, 1918

The talk is about Iran. You turn on your news; there is the news about Iran. You talk with your neighbour about the likelihood of an increase of military personnel in Iraq; they end up telling you about the “increased likelihood of an American attack on Iranian nuclear installations.” The Bush Administration that is concerned about the current situation, however, remains “alarmed,” and calm. May be we should wait and see how Israel is preparing himself for this crisis.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Ehud Olmert, at the conference of “Presidents of Major American Jewish Organization,” which took place “on Tuesday night,” has expressed that, “if the international community joins forces and applies the necessary restrictive measures on the economy of Iran, it will force Iran to reconsider its position.” In other world, if China and Russia “join forces,” they can seriously hurt the economic heart of the Islamic regime in Iran.

While these political talks are going around, and the media is making profit by capitalizing on the current issues and all the related news, nobody is concerned about the devastation in the region, the wasted lives of innocent people of the Middle East.

Iran and Israel are neighbours, and they have been so in as far as the historical records show for almost three thousand years. It will be an awkward situation for the people of these countries to stand against one another, when they could join each other to build a better Middle East. And I agree that with the current Islamic regime in Tehran, the chances are that the people of these two ancient countries, at one point, have to stand against each other, than to join a coalition against the hegemonic theocratic despotism in Iran, which has threatened the possibility of a true Peace in the Middle East. Let us hope that the people of Iran, who have gone through a tremendous hardship imposed on them by the Islamic regime, rise against the tyranny of the Mullahs. And let us hope that one day, the children of Iran and children of Israel hold each other’s hands and sing a melodious song to celebrate their friendship.

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