Saturday, February 17

The Creatures of God

Drawing by Manuel, Niklaus (1484-1530)

Sometimes I think that if God really exists, and if God is a He Person, then He must be quite ashamed of creating Man in His Own Image. For example, look at Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or the American President, Georgy Boy, or even that little sassy Tony Blair. Do you think that these men of Power and effective Words have made their Almighty God proud of His Work of Art?
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his egotistical speeches are famous. You don’t need me to tell you how absolutely delusional the man is. Bashar Assad is just like his late father; if he can suck out some good old green American dollars out of the Mullah in Iran, he would be glad to do so. I trust that you remember his mighty father, the late President Hafez Al Assad, who ruled Syria for twenty-some-odd years and then passed on his legacy to his son, the apparent heir to the throne of the Presidency in Syria. Syria is another example of a democratic state in the Middle East.
Anyhow, these two men, the Syrian and his Iranian counterpart, apparently have sat together, again, and have came up with another brilliant idea, as to how to deal with the issues at hand; the building of an Islamic coalition against the Western Powers. In other word, they want to continue on with their plan of protecting Hezbollah in Lebanon and that infamous Hamas in Palestine. I found the situation as much devastating as I found it hilarious. Now, the little boys have decided to “cooperate and work to make the public aware of the sinister aims of the United Stares and the Zionists.” Of course, this is only a slogan, too grand, even for Ahmadinejad to withstand it. But the real thing is about profit making and stuff like that. Apparently, during the last decade, Iranian companies, those which have been run by the Islamic regime in Iran, “have invested more than $700 million in Syria, in sectors such as power generation, automobiles, cement and agriculture.” Meanwhile, the Iranians who are suffering from Theocratic despotism are paying for the generosity of the opportunist-businessmen of God.


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