Thursday, February 22

The Bully of the Middle East, the Islamic regime of Iran

Eugene Delacriox (Bar of Dante,1822 at louvre)

How many times do we have to shout loud that these Mullahs in Tehran will not budge out, and they will go on with their plan of destroying not only Iran, but also the whole world, if they have a chance to do that. The Islamic regime in Iran is capable of doing anything that you can think of. They are not afraid of more U.N. sanctions against the country, for they are not the ones who are suffering from the hardship caused by such action. They will never suspend the “enrichment-related activities,” for they have a plan, and so far they have proved their ability to pull out different plans when the situation demands such shift of plans. For those of us who are ready to believe that “this shall pass too,” I’ve got news. The Islamic regime has bullied its way through for almost thirty years and the world has watched the actions of those pathological criminals in that Islamic Domain. In my humble opinion, the world has yet to come to a proper realization of the dangers of the rise of another Fascist Movement, this time in the Middle East.
I ask my fellow Iranians this question: How many lives should be wasted in Iran, before we realize that the Islamic regime in Iran has no capacity for reform, has never been able to achieve its false promises, and has never offered anything but misery, social degradation, moral decay, and waste of resources, in the name of its Ideology. A theocratic state cannot offer peace, and is incapable of pursuing “peaceful” enrichment of uranium, because such state cannot accommodate any peaceful actions. Even the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 had no intention of pursuing anything in a peaceful manner. The laws of that Islamic state, the Supreme Leader of that Islamic state, the crazy-big-mouthed president of that country, the ex-revolutionary guards, they have never pursued anything in a peaceful manner. The whole world knows, the European Union knows, the U.N. knows, even that Democrat Farmer, Jimmy Carter knows that the Islamic regime in Iran since its rise to power has never been able to approach anything in a peaceful manner. If you don’t believe me, please talk to those who have survived the atrocities of the regime in Iran, and perhaps you will find that “peace,” is just an abstract concept in the eyes of the Islamic regime in Iran.


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