Sunday, January 28

My Pariah

You are my Pariah, my hero,
The one who left that land,
To find the land of one’s own,
And the land of your own, you’ve found.

You are my Pariah, my hero,
You’ve crossed all the boundaries,
And become your own father,
And a Father you have become.

You are my Pariah, my Star,
A hero on a quest,
The one who crossed over, in an attempt to find the Truth,
Or to save the tortured soul, nevertheless.

You are my Pariah, my hero,
Have you entered the wilderness of soul?
Have you met all the foes?
Have you learned a trick or two?
Just in case you need them soon,
And indeed you need them soon.

My poor broken Pariah,
My beaten hero, in this dwelling,
This is what you are:
A mended individual of a broken heart,
A boy who missed the father and created one of his own,
You are my poor Pariah, the one who needs to rest.

Katayoun (Toronto, 2004)

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Anonymous said...

I read it and enjoyed it, and realized that you must be interested in Mythology??