Thursday, January 25

My little note to our viewers

In case you are wondering about the picture, it is of the painting called Soleil Levant, by one of the great Impressionist Masters, Claude Monet.

To be perfectly frank with you, I have never liked computers, and never will. But, in order to run this blog, I had gone through a tremendous pain of learning how to download and upload things, just to make this space a little attractive, a little sophisticated, and a little friendly. I say a little, because the other person who also takes care of this blog is responsible for contributing her little stuff, such as images, and arty things.
Till our friend finally comes up with something and say a few words, or post an image of an artistic value,I take it as my responsibility to post a few pictures of some artistic values,done by the Impressionist masters, and add them to the end of each post. This little contributions may not be much, but, I hope, it can keep you engaged while viewing this blog.


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