Tuesday, January 23


The word Music is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasant or exciting to listen to". Is that so? I guess not. Our contemporary music, in most cases, is a muddle of loud noises, ridiculous lyrics,and irritable compositions. In other word, our contemporary Music lacks Melody, good Lyrics, and effectiveness of the arrangement. Simply because our Music Industry has sunk into mediocrity, and our good musicians and composers have gone fishing.
Occasionally, some talent rises, and produces a melodious piece that penetrates into your heart and makes you taste the sweetness of its melody under the tongue. But that rising of a talent is a rare and occasional incident, which does not occur frequently to satisfy our soul's need for rhythmic nourishment.
Until the day we hear a piece of music that is not only exciting to shake our booty to its rhythm, but also has the ability to shake our soul, we should become familiar with the works of the great masters, and indulge in Classical Music, Folk, Blues, and the good old Jazz. Perhaps, if the planet survives all the chaos, the future generation(s) will be able to encounter greater things, and good music.


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