Friday, January 19


William Barrett explains that, "faith is faith, vital and indescribable. He who has it knows what it is; and perhaps also he who sincerely and painfully knows he is without it has some inkling of what it is, in its absence from a heart that feels itself dry and shriveled." (Irrational man,. p.93)



Ancient Clown said...

Great Quote...I've noticed in my travels that a great many people confuse Faith with Beliefs, but I would like to point out that there is a strong difference between the two.
A belief system is only as strong as the cornerstone of it's foundation, while Faith is something that can grow exponentially with experience.
Please take into consideration that I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking.
Instead of having faith in our beliefs, perhaps it would be wiser to believe in our faith.
Don't talk it...walk it.
Test your faith, and ask yourself if you are being true to you.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

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Bita said...

Dear ancient clown:
Thank you for your visite and your comment of this unfinished site.
I enjoyed reading your comment and I would like to add that, the word faith has a strong historical background,yet, it is not limited to a single meaning. I interpret faith, as an implicit and unquestionable trust in someone or something. To submit to the third power in order to overcome the uncertainty of the far or near future, and consequently, to give rise to the power to live within the ambiguity of the unknown and trust it. However, the question remains, does the unknown drive one to be faithful?

Ancient Clown said...

Blessings again bita;

I very much agree with your interpretation of the word 'FAITH'. I come from a background of 'Not Believing', as I discovered I was being lied to about almost everything, by was left not knowing what to believe.
Teachers lie in their teachings, Politians lie in thier campaign promises. Cops & officials lie in their corruption. Parents lie about Christmas and Santa as though this isn't harmful in any way to the child. Priests and the clergy of churches lie in their abuse, and misuse of GOD's teaching.
I think you get my point, and have a basis of understanding as to why I would seek the TRUTH on my own. It was during this process that I discovered what FAITH was all about...TRUST.
Would I go where I felt GOD was directing me, even though I didn't understand it, or was afraid of the terrian I must traverse to get there.
Would I open myself to the people the LORD brought across my path or close myself off to them and GOD.
The answer that experience has taught me in regards to your last question; "does the unknown drive one to be faithful?"
YES...very much so.
This is highlighted in the teachings of Jesus when He said the whole of GOD & LAW can be summed up in "The Golden Rule" which is Factually a triad of two parts that equal ONE.
1. Love GOD with all your heart & soul and TRUST in the LORD.
2. Love thy neighbor as yourself.

Society has saught to change the wording of the 'Golden Rule' as taught by Christ to be; "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you." or "He who has the Gold Rules.", but that is NOT the TRUTH.
The way Jesus teaches it, there is actually a threefold messure of LOVE within those two commandments.
1. The Love of GOD.
2. The Love of your neighbor.
3. The Love of yourself.

It is my thinking that living within this philosophy is to do the will of GOD. But that's why I like to say; "I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking."
your humble servant,
ancient clown

Bita said...

Dear Ancient Clown:
Thanks for you comment. However , I feel a necessity to point out certain views that may differentiate from your’s, regarding “Faith”.You seem to be following a quest that would bring you, at one point, to a certain conclusion. You may ask why? In my opinion, “Not Believing”is a faith in itself. In another word, Believing in “Not Believing” is a belief. When I was a little girl, I used to observe people around me to find out about ....... and Faith. I had a privilege to live in a house where I met many people with different belief systems; to just name a few ; religious fanatics, Communist, Nihilist, secular individuals and Socialist. So I came to the conclusion that not always having faith was a compliment. Faith, sometimes was a very dangerous thing, if I could give one reason and by pass many other, I would like to say, faith didn’t have to support neither logic nor rationality and therefore the questioning was out of the question.. Now, most days I get up while being aware that Life is beautiful and so is everyone and everything else, while other time... I feels different.