Monday, January 29

Don't you find it a bit funny that in Iowa, Hillary Clinton was "welcomed as a teen pop idol?"

Only in America does a senator have a grand entrance into a "school gymnasium," and announces that, "well, I am Hillary Clinton. I'm running for president, and I'm in it to win it."
Having a clean-cut slogan is always a good start to kick off your campaign, especially if you are heading towards the glass-ceiling. And in Lady Clinton's case, having this types of slogan, is not only sexy, and fad, but also it represents the senator's playfulness, and her willingness to kick the opponents in the...
After all, a bit of a female touch may be a good thing for America's bruised Politics.

"I am in it to win it," sounds like I am here to shove it up your rare end. And with such an introduction , the senator tries to impress the crowd in the state of Iowa. According to the legend, "the people of Iowa like to think of themselves as informed and common-sense types." In other word, the people of Iowa are hard to impress, but so were the New Yorkers. If the senator could win the Northerner's heart, why not the heart of the people of Iowa?

Nonetheless, the people of Iowa regarded her as the most precious American Rose, and gave her a heartfelt welcome and "a semi-hysterical reception more befitting a teen pop idol than a woman whom the polls currently put in fourth place in the state." So, there is a big chance for our senator to win. All you have to do is to go to your mobiles and starts dilling American Election and vote for your favorite candidate. The rest is done in a jiffy. After all, we should not worry about things like that, for our senator is an old gal in the game of Politics, and she knows how to play her cards.


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