Wednesday, January 31

My mother tongue, Persian (Farsi)

I am a bilingual blogger. As a contributing author of a famous Iranian blog, I write in my mother tongue, Farsi, the language spoken in Iran, the country located in the Middle East. Farsi, as you may know, is not an Arabic language. Farsi is an Indo-Iranian Language that which is a member of Indo-European family. According to Thomas Pyles, “the term Indo-European has no racial connotations; it refers only to a group of people who lived in a relatively small area in early times, and who spoke a more or less unified language out of which many languages have developed over thousands of years”(The background of English, 57).

Now, Persian language or Farsi, is an Iranic language, which branches out into two ancient languages of Avestan, and Old Persian. The Indo-Iranian group is one of oldest language for which we have historical records. For example, the Vedic hymns, “written in an early form of Sanskrit, date from at least 1000 B.C.”(The Background of English, 64). Sanskrit, as I trust you know, is still a practicing language of Indian Scholars; it is not only dead, but also “its status is roughly comparable to that of Latin in medieval and Renaissance Europe” (64).

Now, those Indo-Europeans who settled in the Iranian Plateau helped developed a sacred language, Avestan, which is preserved in the religious books of Zoroastrians. And Zoroastrian faith was built upon the teaching of the sage Zarathustra—Zoroaster to the Greeks. During the Muslim conquest of Iran, in the eight century, many of the followers of Zarathustra were forced into exile, and respectively fled to Bombay. They are “the ancestors of the modern Parsis (that is, Persians) of Bombay.
The Old Persian is a different language from Avestan. Old Persian was the language of the inhabitants of Iran, under the leadership of Cyrus the Great in the sixth-century (B.C.). And during centuries, it has been modified to what we now call Modern Persian, or Farsi.


Monday, January 29

How to stay Young

A friend sent me these few lines, and I decided to put them on this blog. And of course, I have to admit that I have added my own touch to the whole thing, so enjoy.

1. Be brave and try everything twice. On Madams tombstone (of Whelan's and Madam) she said she wanted this epitaph, "Tried everything twice...loved it both times!"

2. Keep only cheerful friends, because as you may know, the grouches pull you down. And don't be a Grouch to your friends either.

3. The best thing is to Keep learning. Learn more about yourself. Learn to enjoy Fine Arts, Music, Languages, nature and humanity. Never let the brain get idle. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop," And the devil's name is Alzheimer's!

4. Enjoy the simple things. That's the real art of living, and a heck of a challenge.

5. Laugh often, long and loud. Show your teeth, even if they are yellow. Laugh until you gasp for breath. And if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with HIM/HER.

6. The tears roll down your eyes, that's a blessing. You are still a human being. Endure the pain, grieve for your loss, and then, for your own sake, move on. Try to LIVE while you are still alive.

7. Surround yourself with what you love. Whether it's your family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever.

9. Your home is your refuge. It is the only place in which you can be yourself without the slightest hesitation.

8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.

9. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to a museum, a bookstore, or a historical sight. And if you can afford, take a trip to a foreign country, where you can learn something new.

10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.


Don't you find it a bit funny that in Iowa, Hillary Clinton was "welcomed as a teen pop idol?"

Only in America does a senator have a grand entrance into a "school gymnasium," and announces that, "well, I am Hillary Clinton. I'm running for president, and I'm in it to win it."
Having a clean-cut slogan is always a good start to kick off your campaign, especially if you are heading towards the glass-ceiling. And in Lady Clinton's case, having this types of slogan, is not only sexy, and fad, but also it represents the senator's playfulness, and her willingness to kick the opponents in the...
After all, a bit of a female touch may be a good thing for America's bruised Politics.

"I am in it to win it," sounds like I am here to shove it up your rare end. And with such an introduction , the senator tries to impress the crowd in the state of Iowa. According to the legend, "the people of Iowa like to think of themselves as informed and common-sense types." In other word, the people of Iowa are hard to impress, but so were the New Yorkers. If the senator could win the Northerner's heart, why not the heart of the people of Iowa?

Nonetheless, the people of Iowa regarded her as the most precious American Rose, and gave her a heartfelt welcome and "a semi-hysterical reception more befitting a teen pop idol than a woman whom the polls currently put in fourth place in the state." So, there is a big chance for our senator to win. All you have to do is to go to your mobiles and starts dilling American Election and vote for your favorite candidate. The rest is done in a jiffy. After all, we should not worry about things like that, for our senator is an old gal in the game of Politics, and she knows how to play her cards.


Sunday, January 28

My Pariah

You are my Pariah, my hero,
The one who left that land,
To find the land of one’s own,
And the land of your own, you’ve found.

You are my Pariah, my hero,
You’ve crossed all the boundaries,
And become your own father,
And a Father you have become.

You are my Pariah, my Star,
A hero on a quest,
The one who crossed over, in an attempt to find the Truth,
Or to save the tortured soul, nevertheless.

You are my Pariah, my hero,
Have you entered the wilderness of soul?
Have you met all the foes?
Have you learned a trick or two?
Just in case you need them soon,
And indeed you need them soon.

My poor broken Pariah,
My beaten hero, in this dwelling,
This is what you are:
A mended individual of a broken heart,
A boy who missed the father and created one of his own,
You are my poor Pariah, the one who needs to rest.

Katayoun (Toronto, 2004)

Thursday, January 25

Stop The Blessing

Some say “Ignorance is a Blessing”.
If that is so, then, please with all due respect, Stop the Blessing, before the Ignorance sweeps away the planet earth and we all end up in Hell, stop the Blessing.
Stop shedding Blessing upon Humanity For the sake of Humanity .
For the sake of life stop spreading blessing.
We have to bare in mind, while some of us enjoy the luxury of less Knowing, others are giving up hopes and the will to go on and to live. Do not be afraid of the unknown, have a will to get to know it and in that light not only knowledge tastes yummy but also it can double your popularity.


My little note to our viewers

In case you are wondering about the picture, it is of the painting called Soleil Levant, by one of the great Impressionist Masters, Claude Monet.

To be perfectly frank with you, I have never liked computers, and never will. But, in order to run this blog, I had gone through a tremendous pain of learning how to download and upload things, just to make this space a little attractive, a little sophisticated, and a little friendly. I say a little, because the other person who also takes care of this blog is responsible for contributing her little stuff, such as images, and arty things.
Till our friend finally comes up with something and say a few words, or post an image of an artistic value,I take it as my responsibility to post a few pictures of some artistic values,done by the Impressionist masters, and add them to the end of each post. This little contributions may not be much, but, I hope, it can keep you engaged while viewing this blog.


Tuesday, January 23


The word Music is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasant or exciting to listen to". Is that so? I guess not. Our contemporary music, in most cases, is a muddle of loud noises, ridiculous lyrics,and irritable compositions. In other word, our contemporary Music lacks Melody, good Lyrics, and effectiveness of the arrangement. Simply because our Music Industry has sunk into mediocrity, and our good musicians and composers have gone fishing.
Occasionally, some talent rises, and produces a melodious piece that penetrates into your heart and makes you taste the sweetness of its melody under the tongue. But that rising of a talent is a rare and occasional incident, which does not occur frequently to satisfy our soul's need for rhythmic nourishment.
Until the day we hear a piece of music that is not only exciting to shake our booty to its rhythm, but also has the ability to shake our soul, we should become familiar with the works of the great masters, and indulge in Classical Music, Folk, Blues, and the good old Jazz. Perhaps, if the planet survives all the chaos, the future generation(s) will be able to encounter greater things, and good music.


Monday, January 22

Follow Your Bliss

"If the person has a sense of the Call--the feeling that there's an adventure for him--and if he doesn't follow that but remains in the society because it's safe and secure, then life dries up...if you have a guts to follow the risk, however, life opens, opens, opens up all along the line...If you follow your bliss, you'll have your bliss, whether you have money or not. If you follow money, you may loss the money, and then you don't have even that. The secure way is really the insecure way and the way in which the richness of the quest accumulates is the right way" (Joseph Capmpbell in conversation with Michael Toms, 1989.


Just a simple note to our visitors

Please do excuse our appearance, for we are currently working really hard to run this blog. We are, what you may call, a bunch of amateurs in this whirlwind of Blogs. But, as the god of technology is our witness, we shall not disappoint you after all. Just bare with us, and we promise you'll never regret it.


Friday, January 19


William Barrett explains that, "faith is faith, vital and indescribable. He who has it knows what it is; and perhaps also he who sincerely and painfully knows he is without it has some inkling of what it is, in its absence from a heart that feels itself dry and shriveled." (Irrational man,. p.93)